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Gebel Elba itself and a hike to the mountains are definitely worth a visit. we are happy to offer it now!
Its Egypt’s largest natural woodland, The Elba Protectorate
The mountain, which rises to a peak of 1,435 meters, and the surrounding National Park are situated in what is known as the Halaib Triangle.
The national park was set up in 1985 and covers an area of 35,600 square kilometers. That's considerably larger than Belgium, Wales or Massachusetts. It includes a vast stretch of coral reef and mangrove coastline, 22 Red Sea islands, a 20 km wide stretch of desert coastal plain and a mountain range, whose main peaks include Gebel Elba (1435m) which is 1435m above sea level, Gebel Shellal (waterfall mountain) at 1,409 meters, Gebel Shendodai at 1,526 metres and Gebel Shendib at 1,911 meters. Gebel Elba lies closest to the sea while the other peaks are located further south and inland near the Sudanese border. All these mountains are made from some of the most ancient rocks in Egypt, some dating back to over 550 million years old , The market in Shalatin specialized in African spices , may be you will have a look if you are interested .
St. John's: This southerly area is part of Elba National Park, established in 1985. It features pristine beaches and underwater topography characterized by strange caverns and tunnels which divers love to explore Twitchers sometimes visit to sight the sooty falcon that soars overhead.
The park is a breeding ground for sooty falcons which are almost an endangered species. Other birds in Elba National park include trumpeter finch, mourning wheatear, ostrich, desert lark, blackstart, greater hooped lark, pale crag martin, sand partridge and pharaoh eagle among others. Some of the mammals in the park include gazelle, dugong, and more than 30 species of endemic reptiles. Enjoy this unique experience .. Trips to Elba National park can be organized from Marsa Alam
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  • name: Gebel Elba National Park special tour from Marsa alam
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  • Marsa alam


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  • Gebel Elba
  • National Park
  • Marsa alam

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